Monday Junior Percussion Ensemble performance - TWO CLIPS

'El Primer Fuego' by John R. Hearnes (From a trio of junior pieces entitled 'Triple Decker')
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This first piece uses the following standard percussion instruments to create a piece with a definate 'Latin' flavour: Glockenspiel, Xylophone, 2 Timpani, Shaker, Bongos, Large Hand Drum, Guiro, Cowbell and Claves.

Web link to Triple Decker/El Primer Fuego audio at publishers website (it's the 3rd in a trio of pieces):

*See if you can copy any of the rhythms and techniques used in the piece with your own pupils!!
Used with kind permission of pubilsher -

'Whole Lotta Drums' by J. Reay.
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A Drum kit-inspired snare drum piece that showcases a variety of contemporary rhythms.
The piece includes a variety of different sounds - stick clicks, playing on the 'rim' of the drum and the 'head'(the drum skin).
The Rhythms in the piece are realtivly straight-forward to learn & teach - I use a mixture of phonetic rhymes and the notation to teach it to pupils.

If you'd like a sheet music copy of 'Whole Lotta Drums' email me at: