Wednesday Percussion Ensemble performance - ONE CLIP

'Xylatin' by Paul Jebe (Contains the 'Clave' rhythm - read below!)
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Piece used with kind permission of pubilsher -

This piece uses the following standard percussion instruments to create a more sophisticated piece with a 'Latin' flavour:
Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Snare Drum, Guiro, Claves, 3 Timpani, Cowbell, Bass Drum, Large Tom-tom, Samba Whistle, Ride Cymbal, Suspended Cymbal, Wood Block, Hi Hat

Web link to 'Xylatin' audio at the publishers website:

A dominant rhythmic pattern in many latin & african pieces - read more about the 'Clave' at this Wikipedia page:

See if your class can clap the 'Clave' rhythm used in the piece!
Here's a YouTube clip to help:

(Notation for this rhythm is given in 2/2 at the top of the Wikipedia page)

Many pop, rock & blues tunes use the 'Clave' rhythm as an accompaniment - it's often referred to as the 'Bo Dididly' rhythm in those styles, as this YouTube clip demonstrates: